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Olarium has both men’s and women’s traditional saunas in our shower facilities. Saunas are turned on from our reception; You can ask the reception employee to turn on the sauna, but you can also turn on the sauna yourself outside our reception opening hours.

Welcome to relax in the sauna after your workout <3

Sauna bathing as part of relaxation & recovery

  • Sauna bathing helps to relax and relieve stress. Warmth and silence can help you relax and forget about your daily worries.
  • Improved circulation: Being in the sauna increases heart rate and dilates blood vessels, which improves blood circulation. This can help relieve muscle tension and improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the body.
  • The heat of the sauna helps the muscles relax, which can be especially useful in relieving muscle pain and tension.
  • Improved sleep quality: After sauna, many people feel that they sleep better. Relaxation and an increase and subsequent decrease in body temperature can help promote good sleep. 


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