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15 € / pcs

Olarium RFID-card must be bought first for all 10x or monthly pass -cards, and into the card you can add time for the gym, group workouts, and solarium. When you return a functional card, you will receive single visit pass to group workouts, gym or solarium in return. The card is personal. With the Gym-/MIX -card you can use the gym side already before the reception is open, every day starting from 5:00 AM!

As the Olarium customer you will receive also certain benefits or discouts for companies nearby to the Olarium and you can arrange for example TYKY (workplace health promotion) days with reduced prices.

Our online store is OPEN! You can start shopping from here

All workout services can be also paid with these methods:

The services include the gym, group workout- and mix-cards (+RFID-card á 15 €) and also the Personal Training -services.

Gift cards

All the Olarium services can be charged into a giftcard, with 3 month activation time!

If you’re paying with the gift card, remember to take it with you. Unfortunately we’re not able to compensate for a lost card, because the gift card is directly compared to a cash payment. Remember to activate or use your card before it expires, because we’re not able to receive expired gift cards. Our gift cards can be activated in 3 months since the purchase date.

With Personal Training packages it is enough, that the 1st meeting happens before the card expires (for example if you take the 1st meeting of the package, not all 7 meetings), With 10x cards it is enough, that the person who receives the card “activates” the card within the 3 month activation period, which starts the actual 3 month usage period.

Expired usage times are left on the card and when you buy a new 10x card, you will be refunded the expired usage times!

1x payment 10€
10x (valid 3 months) 67€

9 month contract

1 month

39 €/month**




3 months * 142€
Day passes (valid mo-fr klo 05-15)
10x day pass (valid 3 months) 43€
1 month day pass 39€
3 month * day pass 110€
Group workouts
1x visit pass 12€
10x (valid for 3kk) 72€

9kk contract

1 month

42 €/month**




3 month * 165€
Day passes (valid mo-fr between 05 to 15)
10x day pass (valid for 3kk) 46€
1 month daily card 43€
3 month * daily card 118€
Mix (= Gym + Group workouts)
1x visit 13€
10x (valid for 3 months) 79€

9 month contract

1 month

45 €/month**




3 months * 179€
Day cards (valid mo-fr between 05 to 15)
1 month day pass 50€
3 month * day pass 139€
Personal Training- services (read more)


Personal Training x 1 (60 min)

85 €

Gym Training Programming (75 min)

95 €

Personal Training x 3

235 €

Personal Training x 7

515 €

Personal Training x 10

699 €

Solarium (lue lisää) Price
5 min 7 €
15 min 10 €
20 min 13 €
Serial pass:
5 x card (valid for 6 months*) 49 €
Massage   3 x card
5 x card
30 min. 33 € 81 € 130 €
45 min. 45 € 114 € 185 €
60 min. 55 € 150 € 245 €
Face 60 min. 59 € 162 € 265 €
90 min. 75 € 219 € 360 €
For children (read more)
Corner for children (for childs over 3 years old, who are able to play on their own) 2 €/ hour / child
Student/ Pensioner -10 %

From our normal prices (does not include offers). Please not that you must show your student/pensioner card/document upon purchase.

* Possibility to shelve the cards (3 month and 6 month cards)

For our normal priced 3 month and 6 month contracts (offers, 1 month or 10x cards not qualified) can be shelved. For 3 month cards it is possible to put the card on the shelve for 14 days and for 6 month cards this is possible for 28 days. You can shelve the card for 1 week (7 days) minimum at a time; the card can be re-activated already after the 5 day break which grants you 5 days of additional time to your card, but the shelve time of 7 days is still applied. Shelving should be done on the day before through phone or at the customer service desk, and it’s not possible to shelve the card afterwards. If you’ve a medical certificate we can refund all over 7 days long sick leaves without consuming days from the shelving limits.

** 9 month contract cards

Gym 39 €/month, group workouts 42 €/month and Mix 45 €/month. 9 month minimum subscription, after which the validity of the contract is open-ended. The first month is paid on our customer service desk, where we also make the papers for invoicing. The contract is clear and easy to read. There is a possibility to terminate or suspend it in case there are remarkable changes in your personal life. Ask more from our customer service!