Group workouts in Espoo


There is no requirements to enroll or signup to our classes beforehand, because we take in all the people who are present by the order they arrive to the workout.

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Below you can see our schedule:


Workous are either 45 minutes or 55 minutes. Intensive workouts are 90 minutes and there is a separate registration for these workouts and also pricing.



Explanations of * -marks (what is included in the workout):

* Simple steps

* * Choreographic steps

Descriptions of the workouts


Mindful Body -concept

  • A concept to strenghten both the mind and the body co-operation, which opens up and empowers the body from both inside and outside
  • The concept includes Mindful Body deep stretch exercises, Strength-power hours (body weight training for deep muscles through mobility) and Power-workouts, which are aerobic exercises with freely selectible weights. There are also Chair -workouts and hours with the personal training as a goal.
  • We’re utilizing the “eyes closed” technique during the workouts, which strenghtens the senses of touch and makes it possible to be more aware of your own body
  • Every workout has their own psychological and physiological theme
  • There are no stepping series in the workout and movement happens on your own pace, by listening to your body
  • The challanges for movements can be chosen by your own ability and mobility
  • You can choose to wear footwear or not
  • The number before the Mindful Body -workouts (1 to 12) describes the physiological theme of the workout
  • The themse of the Mindful Body -workouts are described here


Mindful Body

Mindful Body is a both mind and body maintaining deep stretching workout which opens, empowers and relaxes the body, increasing the wellbeing and enhances the senses of the body. Mindfuld Body workout is based on the idea, that everything that happens in the mind, happens also as physical reactions and an experience in the body. During every workout there is a rotating psychologial and physiological theme, which describes what way and how the maintenance of the body is approached. There is a possibility to stop and listen your body, how it feels to breathe, relax and what feels right to your own self. How is your body feeling?


Mindful Body Strength

Mindful Body Strength (=power) is the midfriff muscle opening and strenghtening workout hour where the exercises are done with your own body weight. The movement opens up the trajectories of the joints and strenghten the muscles that support the joints. During every hour, there is a rotating physiological theme, of which the workout is based on. The workout teaches you how to activate and power up the deep muscles of your body with the help of your own mind.


Mindful Body Power

Pump-styke aerobic exercise, which focuses on the endurance of the body. There is a rotating physiological theme during each workout which brings a functional and body balance training dimension for free weight training. during the exercises we’re using dumbbells, mattress and a stepping board usually.


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This is a highly efficient hour which is based on interval training; both muscles workouts and heart rate increases are done in intervals. The warm up consists of simple baisc steps which are done on the floor or with a stepper. After the warm up the different muscles groups are trained alternatively after which the heartrate is increased. This suits for those who want to combine aerobic training and also muscle workouts.

The efficiency of the training can be changed individually by selecting weights that suit for you. Therefore interval training suits for everyone!



Diversively this hour takes into account all the muscle groups in the body. The endurance, oxygen transport and circulation of blood are the focus of this workout. During the workout we use light weights or the weight of your own body, meaning that this workout includes easy stepping. The actual muscle training is done by training each muscle group separately or alternatively with the opposing muscle group. In the end of the hour, there is a short time to do stretching.

Gym training with guidenance, also for beginners!


Combat *

An energic hour where we combine hits and kicks with easy basic steps and with great music! After the warm up the workout consists of kick and hit -combinations that arranged with the music, midriff strenghtening movements, squats and combat style heartbeat increasing moves. The idea of these workouts is to combine easily learned moves with an efficient way without forgetting to have fun! After the training, the recovery is done with the pace of relaxing music.

Efficient training with great mood!


Body * TBB

Body-workout combines stepping and muscle workouts. There is a 15 minute long* basic stepping series and afterwards the muscle workouts TBB includes training of thigh-belly-buttock -areas, either by using your own body weight or with equipment.



Core-workout is a Pilates style workout, where the midraff is strenghtened and the goal is to improve the mobility and the control of the movement. Another goal is to work the “core” muscles (muscles on the back, transversal, straight and oblique abdominal muscles. The workouts progress from easier moves to more challenging one’s, focusing on calm performance. The workout strenghtens the whole body at once, improves aerobic fitness, hardens the muscles, improves the posture and the balance.

This workout suits for both women and men, beginners and experienced people!


Pilates is the world famous workout that does wonders for the both posture and the mobility of the whole body, and the workout focuses on the deep muscles of the body, joints and the improvement of spinal mobility and the correct breathing techniques.

Pilates suite for everyone who are interested in their own wellbeing, for both athletes and people who’re looking for rehabiliting workouts

Step * & **

A versatile workout which combines both aerobics and stepping board series. There are both easy (*) and (**) more challenging series available of the stepping available, which is done both on the ground and on the board. Series take about 15 to 30 minutes of the hour depending on the program and the instructor. Stepping on the board trains the abdominal muscles, oxygen transport and blood circulation and most definitely makes you sweat. After the stepping workouts there is the time to train the whole body versatilely by using equipment and/or own body weight. In the end there is a short period for stretching.

Step-hour suits perfectly for beginners (*) and for those looking for a challenge for their brains there are (**) -hours


Zumba ¬ģ *

Zumba combines different music and dance styles which create a dynamical, inspiring and a working combination. The idea of the workout are the easy movements, the joy of the moving. You don’t need previous experience of dancing to participate.

Zumba-workouts suit for both beginners and also for people who’ve been practicing dancing for a little longer!