Book your time for the solarium by calling our reception: +358 9 813 3330!

In the Olarium, you can visit the solarium without a contract, because you can pay the visit as a one time payment, there is no need for your to puchase your own Olarium card.

You can book the time for solarium between every half hour when our reception is open.. The reception opening times and contact information is visible here.

Last open slot is 30 minutes before closing time. In addition to the one time passes we sell also 5 x and 10 x cards; the pricing table is available here. 

When used moderately, the solarium is a good general purpose treatment for skin, especially for psoriasis and acne skin. Usage of the solarium is also recommended before a beach vacation to decrease the risk of burning in sun. Enjoy the heat and light of the solarium safely and moderately!

Solarium is only allowed for people who are over 18 years old.