MIX – Gym + Group Workouts

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MIX = Gym + Group workouts

MIX includes the usage of both services so for example you may use the gym and afterward arrive the group exercises on the same visit! You may start using the gym from 05:00 o’clock till the closing time and visit the group workouts, into which you don’t need to register separately.

In addition to the monthly card we offer 10x visit including cards with a 3 month validity period! The Olarium RFID card needs to be purchesed separately to use the service (15€). Bying the Olarium card does not bind you to anything else; you may charge more visits/time to your card whenever you want, and we will refund you the expired visits when you buy a new 10x visit card!

Note: if you’ve already the Olarium card, the validity starts after 1-2 days of the purchase (after you’ve received the confirmation email of the purchase). For new customers the 3 month validity period starts already immediately after the purchase date.

Details of the group workouts you can find here.

You can read more about the gym here.

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Additional information

MIX -combination validity

3 month card / (Student. / Pensioner.), 10 x card (valid for 3 months), 1 month card, 3 month card, 1 month Day card, 3 month Day card, 1 month card / (Student. / Pensioner.), 1 month Day card / (Student. / Pensioner.), 3 month Day card/ (Student. / Pensioner.)