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In addition to the monthly cards, we offer 10 time visit cards with a 3-month usage period! Olarium’s RFID card must be redeemed at the time of the 1st purchase (15 € each) to use the service. The Olarium card does not bind to anything else; you can charge more times/visits to your card at any time that suits you. If you’ve expired visits on your card, we will refund you the expired visits when you buy a new 10x card.

Note: if you already have the Olarium card, your card will be valid in 1-2 days of the purchase date (once you have received a confirmation email within 1-2 days of purchase). For new customers, the card usage period of 3 months begins immediately from the date of purchase.

Our group gym is a 250 m² mirror hall with equipment for dumbbells, elastic bands and weight bars up to the handle balls and gym and pilates mats. There is no registration beforehand, because you’re guaranteed to fit the class! There are dozens of different types of group exercise classes available, and the classes are offered almost 40 hours a week. Hourly offerings include; Mindful Body concept workouts (Mindful Body, Strength and Power), Zumba, Pump, Pilates, Handle Ball, Combat and much more!

Group exercise classes can also be attended by young people (under the age of 16 with a guardian) and / or attended on their own with the written consent of the guardian.

Descriptions of group exercise lessons can be found here.

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1 Month card, 1 Month card / (Student / Pensioner), 1 Month daycard, 1 Month daycard / (Student / Pensioner), 10 x Card (valid for 3 months), 10 x Card (valid for 3 months) / (Student / Pensioner), 10x Daycard (valid for 3 month) / (Student / Pensioner), 10x Daycard (valid for 3 months), 3 Month card, 3 Month card / (Student / Pensioner), 3 Month daycard, 3 Month daycard/ (Student / Pensioner)