At Fitness Club Olarium we have a full sized tanning bed that will help you achieve an all year round bronzed tan. 

You can book your time for the solarium by calling IMG 1903 300x140 Solariumus during our opening hours or visiting us at the reception. The best part is you do not have to be a member to use our solariums! You can either use one-time payments or by purchasing a 10-time-card. For our prices, see the Price List.

Get the most beautiful and lasting tan of your life with Solarium Cosmetics
In order to have a beautiful tan fast and that lasts for long, you need to have healthy and Solarium aktivator 300x140 Solariumwell treated skin. We provide an extensive line of solarium cosmetics that have been especially designed for solarium tanning; Australian Gold. These products deeply nourish and moisturize your skin, making the tanning process faster and long-lasting. Australian Gold products do not contain any mineral oils, alcohol or any artificial coloring. Try them out and find your favorite!

Why should I use the Solarium?

With moderate use, solarium tanning is a good way to prepare your skin to receive UV light and by doing so you are actually protecting your skin from burning easily in the sun. The Solarium is also a good way to take care of your skin. So enjoy the warmth and light of the Solarium with patience and you will receive a beautiful tan safely!

NOTE: Young people must prove their age (under 18yrs olds are prohibited by National law from using tanning beds).