Price List

You may also use these methods of payment for all exercise services; gym, group exercise classes, personal training (note: not applicable for massage, nutritional supplements or solarium):
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Magnetic card 15€

NOTE!  Olarium’s Magnetic Card is compulsory for all 10x and Monthly Cards (1-6 months).

You only need to purchase this card once, and after that you are able to just add more time or more single visits on your card as you go. If you need to return the card, you get one free workout as a return policy for the card.

Single entrance fee10€7€
10x card (valid for 3months)67€58€
1 month card52€47€
3 months card *142€130€
6 months card *255€230€
Day cards
(valid Monday thru Friday
between 5am-3pm)
10x card (valid for 3months)43€41€
1 month card39€36€
3 months card *110€103€
Group exercise classesstudents/seniors
Single entrance fee12€9€
10x card (valid for 3 months)72€67€
1 month card60€57€
3 months card *165€155€
6 months card *295€265€
Day cards
(valid Monday thru Friday
between 5am-3pm)
10x card (valid for 3 months)46€44€
1 month card43€39€
3 months card *118€109€
Mix (=Gym+Group exercise classes)students/seniors
Single entrance fee13€ 10€
10x card (valid for 3 months)75€-
1 month card67€ 64€
3 months card *179€ 169€
6 months card *329€ 299€
Day cards
(valid Monday thru Friday between 5am-3pm)
1 month card50€ 47€
3 months card *139€ 132€

* Freezing your card (3 / 6 monthly cards)

We offer a possibility of freezing your card on our 3 / 6 monthly cards (does not apply to special offer cards or 10-time-cards). On our 3 month cards the freezing time is 14days and our 6 month cards 28days. You can freeze your card for a minimum of 7 days at a time; the card can be activated already after a three day pause from training but the freezing possibility for 7days will be used. By displaying a doctor’s statement we will reimburse all over 7day sick leaves without having to use your freezing time. The freezing time cannot be used afterwards; the freezing time must be announced the day before at our reception or by telephone.

Massagesingle fee3 x card5 x card
30 min.29 €81 €130 €
45 min.40 €114 €185 €
60 min.52 €150 €245 €
75 min.63 €183 €300 €
90 min.75 €219 €360 €
5 min6 €
15 min8 €
20 min10 €
5 x card (valid for 6months)35 €
10 x card (valid for 12monts)65 €
Personal Trainingread more
Consultation35 €
Gym Training Programming 89 €
Tailored For You225 € or 2 x 120 €
Aspirations Into Reality490 € 2 x 250 €