Personal Training

Consultation: 35 €

This consultation includes an analysis of the customer’s background information, mapping of goals and needs concerning training . During the consultation, your Personal Trainer will evaluate your current situation regarding health and training as well as will go through with you the best ways to achieve your goals! Consult your way into a better and healthier tomorrow!

  • Duration: 30 minutes.


Gym Training Programming: 89 €

Gym training programming is for those who are starting off as beginners or for those who simply want to get more out of their gym training.

  • Gym training programming includes: a personalized written gym training program based on previous sports training, your current heath situation and tailored to suit your needs and wishes! This programming package also includes a consultation with our instructor concerning training and health in general. Duration: 75 minutes.



Tailored For You: 225 € or 2 x 120 €

A fully personalized Personal Training –package will be made just for your needs as a cohesive all-round-package.

  • The Tailored for you -package price depends on the size (minimum of three meetings) and content of the package; these you may determine together with our Personal Trainer. The final sum can be paid in either one or two installments. Contact our Personal Trainers for more information.
  • If needed, you can continue the package with your Personal Trainer as long as you want: Extra meetings are 70 € /1 x 60 minute session. 
  • Duration: 3 x 60 minute sessions


Aspirations into Reality: 490 € or 2 x 250 €

This package is for those that want to change their lives into a healthy direction and need extra motivation for their training to achieve their goals. Recommendable for beginners that want to invest in their sports training, improve their knowhow about training and nutrition together with our personal trainer.

  • The Aspiration Into Reality -package includes seven consultation meetings: Introductory meeting and testing, training programming, five training sessions with our Trainer and final testing with further recommendations.
  • Duration: 7 x 60 minute sessions