Our gym is a warm and youthful place to workout with our wide range of machines and weight-equipment. Without a doubt, at this gym, we mean business when it comes to working out!

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Whether you are a beginner, a hard-core-trainer or if you workout occasionally, you will find all the necessary equipment and facilities. In addition to machines and weights, we have a stretching area.

At Fitness Club Olarium we have about 500m² of training facilities, which include a group exercise room fitting 50 persons, a stretching area and a warm-up area.

Our machinery are mainly by David and Technogym and we also have weight lifting bars and an extensive amount of weights for them, ranging from 1kilo to 25kilos. Dumbbells range from 1kilo to 50kilos,  also available in reloadable dumbbells. From our gym you are also able to find the very effective tools for training your whole body simultaneously, the Kettlebells (Girya).

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At the dead lift deck it is possible to train with very large weights. In fact our customers do often leave positive feedback about Olarium’s extensive collection of weights.


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Our cardio equipment are mainly by Technogym and Star Trac, which include three different kinds of exercise bikes, 10 in total, two rowing machines, a stepper, three cross-trainers and two treadmillsAfter training you can make use of our stretching area, where we have for example gymnastic balls and mats, four foam rollers, jump ropes, rubber bands and a balance board.


For beginners we recommend having a gym program made by our professional personal trainer;

This way as a beginner you will be able to train at the gym with the right technique, the right amount of weights and with a program especially made for your needs. For more information about the personalized gym programs, go to the link Personal Training.