Class Descriptions

The star classification of classes in the group exercise studio

No Stars: Classes do not contain steps or patterns
* Simple/easy steps
** Intermediate choreography step patterns

NOTE: The level of difficulty may vary depending on the instructor! The duration of all classes is 55 minutes, unless otherwise stated in the group exercise program


Our instructors construct their own choreography and classes, thus the content of the classes vary depending on the instructor. In addition, the amount of stars for each class are there to give a sense of the level of difficulty, which may however vary depending on the instructors class content. If you want to make sure that the class held by a specific instructor, you are welcome to give us a call at our reception during our opening hours in case of last minute changes. Permanent changes to our aerobics schedule are updated on our internet pages, other information about substitute instructors etc. you are able to get from the reception.

NOTE: All of our Group Exercise Classes are instructed in Finnish but all of our staff speak english, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help or some instructions in English.

Strength Conditioning classes:

Body */**/*** or  Body RVP **

Body is a versatile basic aerobics class, where choreography and strength conditioning are combined! The choreography in this class is either easy basic step patterns (*) or intermediate choreography, which will be 15-30 minutes of the class, depending on the instructor. The rest of the class will be used to train your muscles all-round! At the end of the class will be a short stretching part. This class is for beginners (*) and for those that have trained aerobics longer (**).This traditional aerobics class is a must try!

RVP = The muscle training part has an emphasis on the following muscles: thighs (reisi), abdominals (vatsa) and glutes (pakara).

Kahvakuula = Kettlebell/ Girya 

Kahvakuula is in English a Kettlebell class which offers an intense cardio and strength training workout with a Kettlebell! In the beginning of the class there will be a warm-up part of the class with the Kettlebell, which does not include any choreographic steps! The whole body will be trained with effective, functional movements that will include balance, mobility and body-control exercises. At the end of the class will be a short stretching part. This class is for everyone, who are looking for an effective way to get a workout and build strength, without having to know any choreography, also suitable for begginners!

Interval *

Interval* is a very effective class that is based in interval training; alternating muscle toning and high energy movements that will raise your heartbeat! The warm-up phase of the class will include basic and simple steps either on the floor or on the step. After the warm-up, different muscles of the body are trained alternatingly, after which the high energy heartrate building movements come in place! This class is for those who want to combine muscle toning an aerobic conditioning. You are able to regulate the intensity of the class to suit your needs by choosing the right weights for you. A great workout for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, this class combines cardiovascular training and toning exercises; the ultimate body-shaping, fat-burning, and strength training class that suits everyone and gets you in shape!


Workout for the whole body! Pump-lessons are as if you are training at the gym with an instructor who has planned your workout for you and keeps you motivated and going for an entire hour!  In the warm-up section of the class includes muscle strength exercises and simple step patterns with light weights. In the muscle conditioning section of the class each muscle group will be trained either individually or alternatively with the opposite muscle group. At the end of the class will be a short stretching part. Pump class is an all-round instructed gym training that suits everyone, also beginners!


Cardio and Dance Classes classes:

Body-Step RVP**

Body-Step is a versatile aerobics class, where choreography on a height adjustable step and strength conditioning are combined! The choreography in this class is intermediate step movements (**) on, over and around the step, you will get an effective workout for your lower body muscles and strengthen your cardiovascular endurance at the same time. The choreography will take about 15-30 minutes of the class, depending on the instructor. The rest of the class will be used to train your muscles all-round! At the end of the class will be a short stretching part. This is a fun combination of two traditional aerobics classes, come and try it out! This class will offer a challenge for everyone, also for those seeking for a choreographic class.

RVP = The muscle training part has an emphasis on the following muscles: thighs (reisi), abdominals (vatsa) and glutes (pakara).

Piloxing Knockout ®*

A high intensity total body workout: the ultimate Piloxing© way of testing your athleticism and a chance to push your limits to a whole new level! This class will not only test your endurance to the max, but will push your physical abilities to and potentially, past their limits. Piloxing Knockout© is a 45-minute power workout that includes a warm-up, cool-down and 6 rounds of high intensity (1½-3 minute) drills that will strengthen your core in an innovative way. This class is sure to – KNOCK you OUT!

In addition, the Piloxing class incorporates the use of weighted gloves which add intensity to the workout by toning the arms and maximizing cardiovascular health. For more information about purchasing these gloves, contact the instructor of Piloxing classes at Olarium, Heidi Alarvo.

Dance **

A fun and easy way to get your boogie on! In this class a dance choreography is learned throughout the class, which guarantees a fun way to learn a dance choreography while getting a workout all at the same time! The dance genre changes after every 4/5 times; please contact the reception for more information about the ongoing genre.

Dance -classes are suitable for, well, anyone who loves to dance!


Zumba® is an international dance party! It is a fusion of different dance styles ranging from latin damces to dancehall and hip hop! The moves are easy to follow and the music will get you in the groove. In the Zumba+Abs-class there will be a muscle toning part that will focus on the muscles in your mid-section. This class is suitable for beginners aswell as for those that have years of practise in dancing or choreographic classes. Relax, lose your inhibitions and dance like no one is watching!

Mind & Body Classes:

Mindful Body

Mindful Body is a new and innovative concept for body and mind that combines different techniques with relaxation, creating a class that is truly unique! Mindful Body classes combine the best techniques in training the body and mind as a whole – it combines pilates, yoga, fascia-training, deep stretching, active stretching and different relaxation methods – creating a class that truly cares for the body while working with the mind. What makes this concept truly innovative is the fact that everything happens from the inside out. There are no positions to attempt or movements to do except for the ones that feel good and right for your own body. The class teaches you to listen to your body, to perform everything according to what your body tells you to do and to do only what feels good. It also teaches you to learn more about your body and how exactly we should listen to it every single day! How is your body?


Get ready to work the ‘core’ like never before! This non-cardio class focuses on the main muscles of the torso — the abdominals and back and aims to train your body effectively and variedly as a whole. During the class, different movements will be built up from easy to more challenging, focusing on a clean performance. Training your ‘core’ will strengthen your body entirely, improve your cardiovascular endurance, tone your muscles and is essential for a good posture and balance. This class is suitable for men and women, for beginners and those that have trained for years!


Pilates is based on a popular physical fitness system that helps develop your inner core strength, improves your posture and works wonders on your body movement abilities! This class focuses on improving the movement in your joints and spine, strengthening your inner muscles and focusing on the correct breathing techniques. This class is for everyone who is interested in their own well-being whether you are an athlete or looking for a remedial form of exercise. In this class you do not need footwear, or bring a matt with you.